Therapy Services

Everyone has their own journey and story to what brings them into therapy so that is why there is no one size fits all prescription. Mind Garden offers a variety of supplemental therapy services to be paired together to help each person get the results they need in a manageable time frame.

Specialty and Focus

At Mind Garden we treat a variety of individuals and we are passionate about the therapy services we provide. We specialtize in treating the following presenting issues and age groups:

Treatment Modalities

Our primary goal is to always meet the client where they are in their process and create a safe holding space for them to explore and grow. Our tenets and values align with those of client-centered and positive psychology techniques.

In addition here are some of our primary treatment modalities that help us conceptualize each individual:

Our Approach

Mind Garden Counseling Collective was created to provide a space for people to grow and heal. We are dedicated and passionate about helping people get better. At Mind Garden Counseling we love doing this work because we find every person we encounter to be inspiring.

As humans it is truly incredible the things we are able to live through and overcome. We offer those we serve honor, compassion, and dignity when they might not have any for themselves. With the aid of counseling, people are empowered to view themselves as resilient and ever changing.

We live for the moments where we can help people realize their beautiful potential and self worth despite all of the pain they have experienced. Helping people find the ability build connections once again, first with themselves and then with the world around them.

“Your Mind is a Garden. Your thoughts are like Seeds. You can grow Flowers or you can grow Weeds”

As humans we are blessed with the amazing ability to plan and think. We can learn to think about what we are thinking about. There are often patterns to our thoughts others positive and negative. We are face with the choices of growing flowers, which is thinking about the positives in ours lives by building on strengths and living with gratitude. This perspective ultimately opens you up to more options and more creative problem solving.

On the other hand, we can grow weeds, which is living mostly tuned into the negative. Focusing on the negative means fixating on things that are beyond your control or unchangeable. This perspective often leads to people feeling depressed, frustrated, and powerless.

We are in this together

We teach our clients the skills to challenge negative thought patterns that keep them feeling stuck. We incorporate yoga, body awareness, and mindfulness to assist in skill development of learning to self regulate the whole nervous systems. These self-regulation skills transform a persons emotional awareness, reactivity, trigger response, and basic functioning.

With all this in mind, we know change is hard but the truth is peace arrives in our hearts after we prepare a place for it. Mind Garden Counseling provides a unique experience that helps people prepare the space for this peace.