Therapy Fees and Policies Newport Beach

What are the different Fees for Therapy sessions?

  • $180: The initial evaluation is a 90 minutes session where we will complete an assessment together and gather information about the presenting problems and goals for treatment
  • $130 per session: After the initial session, 50 minute Individual
  • $150 per session: for ongoing 50 minute Family or Couples therapy sessions

What is the Fee for a Private Yoga session?

  • $60 for Private Yoga sessions for 60 minutes or $70 for 75 Minutes
  • If you want to add Yoga of any kind to your weekly therapy sessions the price is reduced to $50 for a 60 minute session

What Type of Payment do you Accept?

  • We are a private pay practice and we accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks

Do you Take Insurance?

  • Tonya Torres is a contracted Provider for
  • For clients that wish to use insurance please have your insurance card handy during your free consultation by phone. Our provider will ask you for your Member ID and DOB at this time to verify eligibility and coverage. 
  • To help make therapy accessible, we work with most PPO insurance plans on an “out-of-network” basis. This means that the client would pay for services directly when the service is rendered and we would provide a super bill to submit to your insurance company to receive a reimbursement check for a percentage of your out of pocket costs. 
  • Mind Garden Counseling Collective has begun to accept some in-network insurance. However, we find there are many benefits to not using or involving insurance companies. First, there is a greater level of privacy and control over your treatment when insurance is not used. Moreover, when therapy sessions are billed through insurance they require detailed documentation about your mental health and we are forced to make a diagnosis. Often insurance will only cover a set amount of session depending on the diagnosis/coverage and determination is not the individuals presentation. Insurance often restrict the type of therapeutic techniques that can be used during treatment reducing the ability to make treatment individualized to each person.

What are the steps to figuring out if Mind Garden is a good fit?

  • We offer a free 15 minute phone consultation. During this consult we will learn a little bit more about what is bringing you or your loved one in for counseling at this time. We will discuss the presenting problem and hopes for treatment. Through this conversation we will determine if it feels like a good fit for all parties.​

What do I need to bring or prepare for my Yoga class?

  • Please come to your schedule yoga therapy class in comfortable yoga clothing (leggings, shorts, sports bra, lightweight clothing). Please remember to bring your yoga mat, hand towel, and a water bottle to practice. Please inform your Yoga instructor before class if you are working through any new injuries or if you have any new significant changes in your health. If you have never practiced yoga before or if the style of yoga is new to you it is normal to feel a little anxiety prior to attending your first session all those nerves will dissolve once you arrive and begin the journey.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

  • If for any reason you are unable to attend your scheduled session, please make sure to cancel at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. You can call, email, or text us to cancel your appointment. Otherwise, you will be charged for the full rate of the missed session.​